Bail petition/application (Accused on the police bail) sample

                 The court of sub judge
                  Cum A .C.J.M Hajipur

             Ref- Town thana case no 22/19
             U/S 279,337 IPC

               Driver of Bus No BR22B7520

                              THE Humble petition for                                     Bail on Behalf of Accused
                               Sonu the driver of Bus No                                 BR 22 B 7520          Most                                        Respectfully.


(1) That the accused petitioner has not committed any offence and has falsely been implicated in this false and babricated case.

(2) That no bail petition either regular or anticipatory has ever been moved by petitioner before this learned court or before any superior court earlier.

(3) That on the alleged date of occurrence the petitioner was allegedly driving the BUS NO BR 22 B 7520.

(4) That the offence are bailable and petitioner is on police bail.

(5) That the accused petitioner has got sufficient and bonafite bailors to stand as sureties on his behalf .

                            It is therefore prayed that                                  your honour be pleased to                                enlarge the petitioner on                                    bail and for this the accused
                            Petitioner shall ever pray.

        Neeraj kumar advocate

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