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            The court of session judge
       State           …………… Informant
       Sahil        …………………… Accused

Ref.- complaint case No: 0111/19
     FIR NO 11/19
     P.S. Hajipur Town thana
     U/S 304,307,323,379 IPC

                                 The humble Bail Petition
              On behalf of sahil s/o ram residence     hajipur p.o. hajipur p.s hajipur,district-                          hajipur  is most respectfully.

(1) That the FIR has been rajistered on fasle and bogus fact.
(2) That the fact stated in the FIR are fabricated connected and without any basis.
(3) That the police has falsely implicated The petitioner any arrested him in the present case the petitioner is a respectable citizen of the society and is not involved any criminal case.
(4) That the facts stated in the complaint against the petitioner are civil dispute and does not constitute any criminal offence at all.
(5) That the petitioner is not required in any kind of investigation nor any kind of custodial interrogation is required nor any recovery is to be made at instance of the petitioner.
(6) That the petitioner is having very good antecedents he belong to good family and there is no criminal case pending against them.
(7) That hajipur are petitioner is a permanent residence and there are no chance of his absconding from the course of Justice.
(8) That the undertakes to present himself before the police/court as and when directed.
(9) That the petitioner undertakes that he will not directly or indirectly made any inducement , threat or promise to any person acquainted with the fact of the case so as to dissuade him from disclosing such facts to the court or to any police officer.
(10) That the petitioner shall not leave india without the previous permission of the court.
(11) That the petitioner is ready and willing to accept any other conditions as may be imposed by the court or the police in connection with the case.
(12) That the petitioner gives an undertaking to the honorable court ,that if he is released on Bail.
            It is therefore prayed that the petitioner may kindly to released on Bail.petitioner shall abide by any direction or condition this court may pass.

Date: 12/12/2019
Petitioner: sahil
Advocate: Neeraj kumar

    इजलास ए. सी.जे.एम. प्रथम

       Gr no 1000000/19
       Tr. No 1000000000/19

      रामु --------------- मुदालाह
                 प्राथना पत्र मुदालाह की ओर से निम्नलिखित  प्रस्तुत है :-

(१) यह कि प्राथी अपने बेटी को परीक्षा दिलाने के लिए शहर से बाहर गया है जिस वजह से प्राथी न्यायालय नही आ सका है।

            अतः सविनय निवेदन है कि प्राथी का वकालतन हाजिरी धारा 317 द.प्र. सं. के अंतर्गत स्वीकार किया जाए जिससे लिए प्राथी कृतज्ञ रहेगा।

प्राथी/मुदालाह का नाम - रामु
अधिवक्ता का हस्ताक्षर - नीरज कुमार अधिवक्ता
             दिनांक- 02/12/19

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